The Walking Classroom Institute


The Walking Classroom is a nonprofit, award-winning program that gets students out of their seats and walking while listening to kid-friendly educational podcasts that come pre-loaded on audio devices (or via our brand new mobile App!). Podcast topics include language arts, social studies, history, biographies and science. Content is standards aligned for kids from grades 3 through 8.
Each podcast incorporates a health message and character value into the narrative. Available Discussion Guides provide OST facilitators with lesson plans and discussion questions for each podcast. After their walk, students return to the classroom in better moods, more focused, and interested in engaging in post-walk discussions. The Walking Classroom really engages students during after-school programs and helps stem summer learning loss. This is a program that promotes physical activity (away from a computer screen!) and can be done in a socially distanced way. Importantly, this is a great resource for remote or at-home learning, too, especially via our new Mobile App.

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1414 Raleigh Road, Suite 295, Chapel Hill, NC 27517